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It Takes A Campus by Kyle Ellis



It Takes A Campus follows author Kyle Ellis’ experience from a novice in retention efforts to a campus leader in the field of student retention. In 2008, when the University of Mississippi started to take action on retention efforts, the school’s first time, full-time (FTFT) retention rate was 78.3%. With Ole Miss’s recent retention record-setting year (86.5%), the school, Ellis, and his team have received accolades and praise from colleagues across the country. In fact, dozens of colleagues have called and visited campus to see, first hand, the tremendous impact of the Ole Miss model.

It Takes A Campus is a step-by-step guide for campus retention professionals. The reader – whether in the early stages of retention efforts or seasoned retention gurus – will discover ways to improve existing programs, as well as identify exciting, new initiatives.

Ellis covers fifteen campus-wide, successful initiatives that raised retention rates at the University of Mississippi. The book is practitioner-friendly – designed for higher education professionals who work daily to create, modify, and assess retention initiatives.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to enact positive change – or in this case, a campus.

Paperback •  6 x 9 •  300 pages •  ISBN: 978-1-936946-90-7

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