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Sacred Altars: An Artful Journey to Enchantment (hardcover; full color artwork)



by Anne Strand
Anne Strand, spiritual guide and artist, has traveled a rich and complex journey. This teacher, Episcopal chaplain, published author, wife, mother, and retired licensed psychotherapist of thirty-one years, has signed her work with a stamp meaning “Grand-Mother-Wise-Woman” given to her by her son at the birth of her first grandchild. Mentored in Paris by painter Elaine de Kooning, whose work hangs in the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Dr. Strand studied art with the New York Studio School and earned academic degrees in art, theology, and psychology. Her work forms an amalgam of these three disciplines. Both as writer and artist, she interprets her subject matter through a mystical lens—grounded in spiritual literature, contemporary quantum theory, and current scientific thought. Strand is a veteran of numerous museum and gallery one-woman and group exhibitions, and her work is to be found in homes, businesses, and institutions throughout the eastern United States.
ISBN: 978-1-949455-35-9; $29.95