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The First 100 Women Lawyers in Mississippi


Hardcover • 148 pages • $35



“This is a must read for anyone interested in Mississippi history — it is a treasure trove of fascinating stories.  Reading this book about the lives of these incredible women — the first 100 women lawyers — was a moving and humbling experience. I am in awe of their accomplishments and reading their stories is a reminder of the debt of gratitude we owe these trailblazers.”

Joy Lambert Phillips, 100th Mississippi Bar President and First Female Mississippi Bar President

“This story couldn’t be told any better — the story of women who have emerged over the decades as practitioners, judges, and leaders. It has been my honor to have witnessed the exponential growth of outstanding female attorneys in Mississippi. The First 100 Women Lawyers in Mississippi is a fitting tribute to their collective quests.”

Robert C. Khayat, Chancellor Emeritus, The University of Mississippi