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The Statue and the Fury by Jim Dees


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In 1997, Oxford, Mississippi sought to build a statue to honor the 100th birthday of native Nobel laureate, William Faulkner. In this funny and heartfelt memoir, Thacker Mountain Radio host Jim Dees, chronicles the year-long civic contretemps that erupted over a magnolia tree that was cut down to make room for the sculpture. The same year, Oxford became embroiled in a “trees versus development” dispute that saw citizens arrested for blocking bulldozers. Meanwhile, the University of Mississippi pursued plans to discourage use of the Confederate flag, the song “Dixie” and the Col. Rebel mascot setting off protests and death threats. Dees brings his signature wit and insight to these pivotal events and includes interviews with James Meredith, Shelby Foote, Willie Morris, Myrlie Evers and… Willie Nelson.

Hardcover with dust jacket •  6 x 9 •  340 pages •  ISBN: 978-1-936946-80-8

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